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4 Ways Executive Auto Salon Helps Bring Your Food Truck to Life

Are you ready to begin your journey toward starting up your very own food truck? Though it may seem like an enormous project to take on, with the help of our engineering experts at Executive Auto Salon, we’re ready to transform any vehicle that enters our 16,000 square foot facility into the food truck of your dreams.

As a commitment to those who partner with Executive Auto Salon, we’ll pour over twenty years of experience into your food truck from start to finish. From finding the right vehicle and performing the necessary repairs/inspections to get your truck road-ready to bottom-to-top custom design; we pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction throughout the process of crafting a food truck.


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How to Make Your Food Truck Stand Out

Change is an inevitable occurrence, but the one thing that is constant is love — the love for food. Food is something we crave, savor, and require on a daily basis. Another thing that has become a necessity is convenience. Fortunately, food trucks provide both of those things. At Executive Auto Salon, we specialize in custom-built food trucks for those in the mobile dining industry. Our team is skilled in both interior and exterior bodywork, so if you envision it, we bring it to life.

Operating a mobile dining business takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but having an attractive exterior makes all the difference. Here are three ways to make your mobile food truck stand out:

Vibrant Colors

When branding your food truck, color is of great importance. Choosing the right color is vital for creating a strong and positive image. No one turns their head for a dull, monochromatic food truck. Trucks that use vibrant colors to represent their brand are the ones that catch the eyes of surrounding onlookers. Our team can enhance your food truck by creating an appealing exterior that will surely make your food truck stand out in a crowd. Don’t forget these key components on your truck that will let customers know you’re here to stay:


A Creative Menu

People often get creative when it comes to their food truck menu. Just as it’s important to provide a uniquely delicious food selection, it’s also beneficial to design a creative menu for customers to read. While there is no right or wrong way to represent your food on a menu, there are certainly ways that work better than others. It’s important to keep your menu design fresh, original, and profitable. Having a menu that is visually appealing certainly adds a sense of curiosity in the eyes of your customer, leading them to think, “If their menu looks this good, I wonder what their food tastes like!”

Offer Great Customer Service

There’s no denying the effects customer service can have on a business. Particularly in the food industry, customer service is of great importance. A server that is unattentive can be reason enough for someone never return to an establishment. When you run a food truck, it’s important to treat your customers just as you would if you were serving them in a sit-down restaurant. People remember you when they’re treated with kindness, warmth, and respect. If you want your food truck to stand out, treating your customers like family will surely keep them coming back.

We cater to those looking for food truck builders in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. For more information on how we can help turn your food truck into an eye-catching set of wheels, contact us at 215-289-1500.