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Join The Food Truck Movement — Learn How This Craze Will Help Grow Your Business

With a generation that always seems to be on the go, it was only natural that innovative mobile dining options would become prevalent in our society. Food trucks have been around for nearly 10 years, and their surge has only just begun. Executive Auto Salon offers custom built food trucks for businesses who want to partake in the movement that drives hungry customers to their window.

Not only do food trucks attract customers looking for a quick and convenient meal, but they are becoming more preferred over street food carts. The professionals at Executive Auto Salon are experts in customizing trucks and performing detailed paint jobs to build the credibility of your mobile business. Customers take notice to a welcoming exterior paint job and are more inclined to trust your business if there is value in its appearance.  

Whether you own a restaurant or solely market food from a custom food truck, the demand for mobile dining has become increasingly popular, benefiting both restaurant and individual food truck owners. Over the last few years, businesses have invested in food trucks so that they could provide multiple dining options for those visiting boardwalks, festivals, concerts, shows, or for businessmen or women on their lunch break. Taking advantage of a custom built food truck is the best way to promote your existing restaurant business or expand your mobile dining business.  

Benefits of Mobile Food Trucks:

Where There’s Food, There’s People

Opening a food truck business is a great way to reach food lovers who need their hunger satisfied. No matter what the occasion, outdoor events are the perfect place to park your mobile vehicle to serve hungry customers — through invitation or sign up, of course. Multiple food trucks with diverse menus line up at events throughout the year to provide attendees with various food choices — because let’s face it, people need options. Parking your food truck outside of an office or business park, with required permits and licenses, often attracts repeating customers going to or coming back from work.

Face-To-Face Interaction With Chefs  

Most food trucks are driven by the chefs, themselves. Whether you drive your mobile business to events or park in an unrestricted area in the city, a food truck is a great way to build a connection and have one-on-one conversations with your customers. Unlike traditional sit-in restaurants, food trucks allow people to meet the chef, which promotes a more personalized experience. Having an open dialogue with customers enables them to give you instant feedback, which you can use to determine if your business needs any improvements.

Offer Customers a Convenient Experience

With such a fast-paced society, people find comfort in the convenience of a quick meal. Although it is common for people to go out to eat during lunch breaks, many people prefer food trucks when they know they are convenient, in sight, and provide speedy service.

At Executive Auto Salon, we are experts in food truck conversions. Taking ordinary trucks and turning them into a stellar mobile food business is what we excel in. Let our detailers customize your truck to reflect your new or existing business. For further inquiries, fill out our contact form or call us directly at 215-289-1500.

Winter Car Care Tips | Stay Up-To-Date With Car Maintenance During The Cold Season

The winter season can be quite brutal, not only for us warm-blooded mammals but for our beloved vehicles, too. When the cold weather approaches, we take the necessary measures to prevent common health issues from arising as a result of the seasons’ change. We visit our primary doctor, purchase preventative care medications, get the flu shot, etc. It’s our cars that take us to get the preventative care we need, and although it’s not nearly as comparable, cars are also affected by the frigid cold weather. So for us to remain in good health, we need them to stay in good condition, too.

Here are a few essential winter car care tips for the upcoming cold season:

Tire Pressure

  • It’s imperative to check your tire pressure in the winter time where it’s most susceptible to change. Your tire pressure usually drops 1 PSI for every 10-degree change in air temperature. It’s also a good idea to have your tires inspected. Driving with worn out tires in the winter is very hazardous because you lose traction and are at risk of sliding on turns and hydroplaning.


  • Coolant, or antifreeze, is especially important in the winter time, as it prevents the water in your radiator from freezing in cold temperatures. As the cold weather approaches, it’s important to check the level of antifreeze in your vehicle to make sure it’s not low.


  • Your car’s battery undergoes more stress in the winter than any other season. Compared to normal conditions throughout the year, your car’s engine can take twice as much power to start in the winter. Be sure to have a volt test performed in the summer so that you can be prepared with a good, working battery for the winter.

Defroster & Climate Control

  • While your climate control system helps keep you nice and cozy in the winter, your defroster is responsible for preventing your windows from icing up. Both of these combined are crucial for maintaining comfort and safety this upcoming brisk season.

Executive Auto Salon is the leading auto body shop that offers car painting in Philadelphia, PA. Our expert mechanics and auto body technicians guarantee outstanding service to all clients by being detail-oriented, attentive, and customer driven. For paint jobs in Philadelphia, PA, as well as detail and car restoration services, contact us at 215-289-1500.