What is wet sanding?

Most of us who have taken cars to garage for repair work are well aware of the process of “wet sanding”. Wet sanding is a technique, which is generally used to correct a certain damage, scratch or imperfection in the body of the car. An extremely fast and effective way to remove scratches and scuffs from the car or vehicle’s body, wet sanding is widely used in auto dealing showrooms, garages and by automotive technicians who are skilled enough to repair their own car. Though easy to follow, wet sanding can be effective to lighten the scratches on the body. Wet sanding can also be harmful and cost you extra money needed for repairing, if not done carefully.

Wet sanding is applied for carrying out various car repairing procedures like removing the excessive dry paint, elimination of sticky dirt on the surface of the paint, removing out the scratches etc. Easy to do, Wet sanding is often preferred for damaged cars over basic compounding, which creates a heat on the car’s body to remove the imperfections. During wet sanding, it is extremely necessary to choose the right sandpaper or right grit, since sandpapers are available in various grits. Moreover, the real outcome of the wet sanding will depend on choosing the sandpaper of right grit.

Sandpaper grits are available in a wide range but the right grit sandpaper, which is ideal for the most of the cars, is the 1500 one. To make sure that the wet sanding procedure is done effectively, one should always have a bucket of water ready in order to soak the sandpaper every time before sanding. One should use soap for easy lubrication and smooth sanding process. Be sure that you are not shaving the surface of the car by aggressive wet sanding as it might destroy the UV blockers. Damaging UV blockers will not able to protect the car from the harmful UV rays of the sun that will further lead to decay of the car’s body. When the process of wet sanding is done, a coat of mud is applied, and it is allowed to dry before going to use a paint or primer. The process of wet sanding takes a long time, but it is the cleanest method.

If you are taking your car to the garage then make sure that you are going to authorized car garage center. You can easily browse through the Internet and get the list of best places offering head to tail services of Auto Detailing Philadelphia, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, Bucks County, etc., which will definitely exceed your expectations. By availing the services of wet sanding, you can give a perfect treatment to your car and add value, look and appeal to it.

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