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The Benefits of Detailing Your Car

Detailing is important for the maintenance of your car’s interior and exterior. Not only are you making your car like-new, but you are extending the lifespan of the vehicle as well. When you get your car detailed by professional detailers they take the time to clean between the cracks and crevices of the car, and even remove parts of the interior to do a thorough job. When choosing where to get your car detailed make sure their detailing service includes both cleaning and disinfecting of your vehicle. There are numerous advantages to having your car detailed by an auto detailing service including:

-There are many things that can decrease the lifespan of your car including road conditions and bad weather; but auto detailing is great for reducing the damages that these environmental elements may have on your car.

-Particles and dirt accumulate and can cause the interior of the car to collect germs and odor. When your car gets detailed, professional vacuums and special tools are used to remove sticky materials and particles from hard-to-reach cracks of your car’s inner compartments.

-The detailing process also includes cleaning of the air vents that bring hot or cold air into the car. As time goes on, dust particles form on these vents, which could irritate the occupiers of the car. Cleaning out the cars vents helps to reduce the chance that occupants catch colds or have allergy symptoms. It is also beneficial for car occupants who have asthma symptoms.

If you are planning to sell your car, getting it thoroughly detailed can boost its value to a potential buyer. After a professional detail the car smells and looks like new that could improve a buyer’s perception of the car’s condition.

A great service provider will tell you what you need to do between visits to maintain your car appearance. Depending on the needs of your car, there are several things that you can do on your own, while getting your car detailed on a regular basis.

5 Questions To Ask Your Auto Detailer

With so many auto detailers around, it can become tough to tell who is going to do the best job. Hiring an auto detailing professional with a proven track record ensures that your car will receive the best possible treatment without undergoing any damage in the process. Remember that regular cleaning and maintenance is one of the best ways to maintain the health of your vehicle.

Keep in mind that if your auto detailer can’t answer yes to all 5 questions, you are probably not receiving the best detail available.

-Do You Offer Multiple Service Packages?

Your detailing service professional should be able to offer more than one basic detailing package to meet your needs and budget.

-Do You Detail By Hand?

As opposed to mainly automated detailing, Executive Auto Salon provides auto detailing professionals to work on your vehicle. Machine car washes might work quickly but they can’t tell if they missed a spot. Our auto detailers pay attention to all the details to ensure quality service every step of the way.

-Do You Use Detailer Clay?

Most people have never heard of this tool, but detailing clay is a necessity if you’re going to get the maximum clean and shine of your exterior prior to polishing and protection. Detailer’s clay is designed to attract exterior contaminants like a magnet, leaving an ultra smooth and clean exterior finish.

-Do You Use A Hot Water Extractor For Interiors?

If you have carpeted and fabric interiors your detailing service should be cleaning the interior of your vehicle with the right tools. Dirt and grime gets deep into interior fabrics, which is why using a hot water extractor is necessary. This tool shoots cleaning fluid deep into fabric at extremely high temperatures while simultaneously removing dirt and fluid with a high-powered vacuum.

-Do You Offer Any Kind Of Warranty?

If your detailing service does not offer a warranty, a red flag should go up. At Executive Auto Salon we take pride in our work and offer professional quality auto detailing.

Why Detail Your Car?

Automobile detailing involves doing an extremely thorough cleaning, polishing, buffing and waxing of the interior and exterior of your vehicle to produce a show-quality finish. Yes, you can do the same from home, but improperly washing and waxing your car on your own can cause unnecessary imperfections to your car’s exterior. This is why there are professionals who are trained in detailing and know what to use to make your car look like new.

If your vehicle is professionally detailed on a regular basis it will maintain its high-value, resale price as well as its trade-in value. Additionally, a clean interior will reduce allergens and air-borne toxins that may cause adverse health conditions. Remember you and your
passengers are exposed to what is in your vehicle each time you use it. Did you know that bacteria can easily linger inside a car where darkness and moisture reside? Driving an unclean car means exposure to dust, dirt, food, grease build-up and all the microscopic organisms that thrive on such build-up.

It is recommended that your car get detailed two times per year. This will ensure the exterior is protected from the harmful elements of the environment, and that the interior remains looking like new. In addition, a rigorous detailing service on your vehicle means that all the places where clutter, dirt, hands, food, and foot reside are cleaned and sanitized.  Steam is a reliable and proven method for disinfection and leaves behind no chemical residues.

Guidelines to choose good auto repair services

Auto Body Repair PA

Mazda Rear

Has it been a long time you had the routine checkup for your car? Is your car giving some problem and you are worried if there is some fault in your car? Keeping your vehicle maintained and problem-free is a daunting task when parts start to wear out. You need not to worry if you are living in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, PA, or Bucks County. There are many auto detailing and auto body repair shops in these areas to cater to your needs. There are loads of auto repair shops in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which offer automotive repair services. They take care of your vehicle with the most honest ASE-certified repairs. They are experienced in business and will tutor you on what needs to be done on your vehicle. Whether you re looking for scheduled maintenance of your vehicle or need an urgent brake job, these shops can do your work accurately, quickly, and affordably. They are your destination for all types of auto body repair services Philadelphia.

You can get the most knowledgeable inspections, repairs, and preventative maintenance services for your vehicle in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, PA, or Bucks County. You can get your vehicle serviced with ASE Certified technicians, and the most professional and courteous staff. You can get the best auto detailing PA and repair services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Montgomery and Bucks County area. As a matter of fact, you might even be overwhelmed at the number of auto repair shops in these areas. You have an endless choice, so you have to work out to find the one that will give you the best service at the right price.

Following services are offered by these auto repair shops:





























To find the best auto painting or auto repair shop for your vehicle, you only need to follow these three easy steps:

Look around your neighborhood – You might have loads of shops to choose from in your neighborhood. Driving around your nearby locations will help a lot in giving you an idea about the price range of different auto repair shops and the kind of services that they provide.

Compare prices – Once you are done with surveying different shops around Philadelphia, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, PA, and Bucks County area, you can get a good idea on how much you are most likely to spend for these services. This can help you decide your budget and will also give you an idea as to how much you are really going to spend on your vehicle.

Talk to the mechanics – One of the most important things that we often forget is having a good relationship with the people that work there. We should not forget that we leave our vehicle behind in their custody.

So the next time you are in need of an auto repair shop in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, PA, and Bucks County area, you know that you have plenty of options.

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