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Replacing and Repairing Rims

There are several reasons to replace a vehicle’s rims. If rims don’t fit, are built poorly, or get damaged, it’s important to get them fixed as soon as possible to keep your car running smoothly. Dented or cracked rims are both a cosmetic and functional concern. Drivers seeking rim repair in Huntingdon Valley, PA can […]

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Cupcakes 2Gogo Finds Success with Mobile Kitchen Built by Executive Auto Salon

Cupcakes 2Gogo is South Jersey’s first cupcake truck. After the success of similar businesses in Philadelphia, its founders decided that their region deserved a mobile source of delicious, homemade cupcakes. They pride themselves on making full-size, traditional cupcakes as opposed to the “trendy” mini style. Although they serve South Jersey, Cupcakes 2Gogo created their mobile […]

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Food Truck Food Prep Basics

When designing a custom food truck, it is important to think about what needs to go into it to suit your business’ specific needs. There are, however, some basics to make sure are in place before you begin pimping your food ride. You will need storage for kitchen utensils, dry goods, and paper products. Remember […]

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Food Trucks: Location Matters

Thinking of starting a food truck business? Now is the perfect time. The food truck industry is booming even in the troubled economy. People want good food fast and at low prices, and that is exactly what food trucks provide. When building a food truck business from the ground up, though, how do you determine […]

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Philadelphia’s Local Food Scene Surges Due to Mobile Food Trucks

Everybody knows that the mobile food truck scene has taken over all throughout the country. From California, to New Jersey, people are responding positively to getting their lunch from food trucks available on school campuses and corporate buildings. I guess that’s why the staff at Executive Auto Salon has been so busy answering phone calls […]

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Signs You Need Your Cars Brakes Repaired

How often you repair your vehicles brakes depends on how often you drive, just like getting an oil change. In addition, the more driving you do in crowded urban areas the more you use the brakes and more repairs are needed. This happens because the brake pads gradually wear down, reducing their ability to stop […]

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What To Do To Get Your Vehicle Ready For The Winter Weather

It’s important to winterize your car before the cold winter weather arrives. You will feel better about driving your family around in a safe car. Consider the following tips: -Begin by cleaning out your vehicle inside and out, and have an auto body repair shop in Philadelphia wash and wax the car. This will protect […]

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How to Protect the Interior of Your Vehicle from the Sun

Sun and heat can destroy both your vehicles dashboard and other aspects of the car interior such as the seats, carpeting, and resale value. In addition, the cost to fix the damages can be expensive to do, and sometimes the damages cannot be fixed. One of the reasons why it is important that you protect […]

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How to Maintain Your Cars Leather Seats

Your cars leather seats are one of the very first things people notice when entering the vehicle, and having dirty seats not only look bad but can also harm the long term appearance of the seats. Present day leather can be made from a variety of natural and synthetic materials, and not all have a […]

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